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Custom Software Development Company

With a wide range of experience in software development field;
Qulix custom software company has been on the forefront in delivering exclusive solutions to some of the complex business challenges. From Enterprise systems, Mobile apps to Web app development, Qulix Software Company has all that takes to take your business firm to greater heights.Qulix software development company is a globally certified IT and consulting firm that has stood the test of time with a good reputation in the software design market.
Custom development
Depending on the type of your business firm, custom software development company design and development varies with the needs of the company and its customers at large. Since the software is meant to accommodate specific organizations, we prioritize in delivering innovative solutions tailored towards the unique needs of our esteemed clients. At Qulix, we handle software designs of any complexity across various business domains & technology stacks. Some of the enterprise systems we designed include; E-procurement system, Front end banking system and Document Management system.
The web application is part of the custom developments offered at Qulix software systems. From web portals design, e-carts, online marketplaces, social networks to rich internet of things applications; we can comfortably develop a wide range of web apps you need in your firm.
Mobile development
For the various mobile devices, we design and develop applications that could help your firm compete favorably in the technological world. Qulix systems offer a high-level expertise in mobile software development to suit various client needs and also provide smart home systems. Some of these applications are oriented to banking services, record keeping and managing the firms’ resources. Our mobile apps range from iOS, Windows phones, Android to the (Hybrid) cross-platform devices.
Apart from software development, we actively engage our prospects in consultation sessions to help them improve in their business setting as far as software development is a concern. We strongly believe in offering quality services to all our clients; as part of this, we need our customers’ views and active participations to call it a success. From technology consulting, industry consulting to QA (quality assurance) consulting, we surely have got you covered.
Quality assurance:
As part of the services, quality assurance is one way of preventing obvious mistakes and avoiding inconveniences in your firm brought about by technological faults. It also provides confidence internet of things companies while offering services to your clients. Full cycle testing, implementation to the maintenance of various software solutions within your firm is a great way of boosting productivity and competence in the course of service.