Custom software development company

Custom software development company

If you are looking for a software developer that can make software to suit your intended use, then continue reading this post. We take a quick look into the works of HQ Software.

Who exactly are HQSoftware?

HQ – custom software development company. The company specializes in the development of web applications. The types of software it develops ranges from custom solutions for business enterprises right through mobile applications. The company has experience spanning over 15 years.

The company has its headquarters in Tallin, Estonia. It also has offices in Minsk, Belarus which also hosts its development center as well as offices in the City of New York. Though the majority of HQSoftware’s customers are from Europe and the US, the company still delivers its services across the globe.

What type of services does HQSoftware offer?

Just as its name suggests, HQSoftware will develop custom software when called upon by its clients. These services include:

Developing customized web applications

Modernization or improvement of already existing systems. This also includes helping a customer who does not wish to re-invent his systems but instead wishes continue with a software that was partially developed by a previous developer.

Offering support and maintenance for software.

Customization of software belonging to 3rd parties.

Providing integration services where there are numerous existing products.

Development of mobile applications. The company boasts of having been involved in more than sixty mobile projects. Some of the clients that HQSoftware also – internet of things company. HQ has developed customized mobile applications for include: Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and IOS. To develop mobile applications, the company follows a well-tested criteria that begins with consultations, design and development of the app, testing and finally delivery to the market.

What are the terms of engagement?

The company is one of the top elearning development companies has number of models that it uses for engagement. These include;

Time and materials

Under this model, a client is charged an hourly rate. Bills will then be sent at the end of the month. If there are additional expenses, these are u
sually negotiated before work commences.

This model is suitable for clients who feel that they need to be in control of any changes. It has the advantage of saving time and finances.

Fixed price
Under this model, the company will provide its clients with a quote for the entire project. This model is ideal for clients on a fixed budget.
Clients wishing to enlist the services of HQ offshore development center can contact the company and get a free quote on the projects that the wish to be undertaken. The Software developer promises predictability, efficiency and reliability to all its clients.