Revolutionary IOS Localization Service

 Alconost –IOS Localization Service

The localization service is a revolutionary iOS application, which manages to use location data, in order to control certain features. This service is becoming more and more popular and it’s being used in a wide variety of contexts. This concept can be used in entertainment, work, personal life and even in the health sector. The whole system uses some spatial patterns, which have the sole purpose of enhancing the user’s experience. The IOS localization service comes with many options, which will help the user identify a person, object or a certain location. This innovative system started to find its use in the gaming sector as well.
IOS localization service is now used by Alconost, one of the biggest mobile games developer. The whole system was very easy to implement and it’s extremely practical and entertaining for every user. After Alconost started to use the IOS localization strategy, their system recorded some major improvements. The users have now access to a wider area of applications and the gaming experience is also more intense. The multiplayer feature of their games improved as well. The users can now play their favorite games with players from their immediate vicinity. The promotion and discounts were also influenced by the iOS localization service. The company can now choose a certain location, and to provide a custom discount plan, depending on the economical situation in that specific place. This helps both the developer and the average user.
The company can sell its services easier and the user can buy them at a more convenient price, congruous to its geographical location.
Many users complained that Alconost delivers most of their games in English and they cannot fully enjoy a game which is not in their native language. The iOS localization service changed that as well and now, every user can download its favorite game, in its native language. Professional translation website is accurate and it’s being performed automatically, by the system. The professional translation improved the review system as well.
For example, when a player wants to express its opinion regarding a certain game, he / she will usually do it in its native language. The iOS localization service of professional translation can translate all the reviews and delivers them to the user, in its native language. Overall, the localization service helped Alconost a lot, and increased their profits.
IOS localization service can help your business as well. There are many online companies which can localize your app, for a small fee. However, you should consider this an investment, because it will surely improve your business numbers.